Throughout my career I have worked in various mediums, each offering me new and different challenges. My works in oils, acrylics, watercolors and printmaking of serigraphs, provided me with new avenues and adventures for my imagination.
The Kiss

At some time in mid-career, I discovered the beauty of patterns and lines in natural flat-surface marbles. I started to incorporate drawings onto them in such a way that the lines and the patterns would become part of the painting/drawing. This process has always fascinated me, and alongside my other works, I have continued with this medium for many years. The result is what I call 'Tapestries In Marble'.


"Shayna Laing has developed an interesting form into which she breathes her impressionistic mirages. In a fluid technique, she hints more than she spells out her human shapes against backgrounds of undefined vaporous spaces in marble. From a distance her work appears to be fragments of monochrome shapes in the marble, and on closer examination her works reveal themselves to the viewer. The paintings in marble, spontaneous, and obscurely defined, makes each creation an original work of art. " - T. Owen, N.Y. Press